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America has had over 600 million sensitive personal data records breached, which means every man, woman and child has had their identity stolen an average of two times – this represents a “catastrophic” threat to our way of living.

Fortunately, we can prevent this incoming disaster and regain control of our future. Join Americans from coast-to-coast by demanding that our leaders in Washington Stop Data Breaches.

By signing the Stop Data Breaches Petition, you are telling the President and Congress:

The Time to Act is Overdue

The United States needs a comprehensive plan that minimizes the likelihood of data breaches. The amount of data is doubling every two years, and while the quantity continues to increase, the security and safety of our most private and valuable information lags woefully behind.

America’s Data Breach Epidemic Threatens Everybody

Every citizen faces an indefensible threat from within. With no control over how the Government uses our information and little faith in the security of our public institutions, nobody is safe.

A Solution Must Address Victims Rights

Lost in the discussion are the victims that suffer very real and painful consequences. Compromised information represents stolen identities, and you cannot be a functional member of society if you don’t have an identity.

Reach Across the Aisle

Refrain from the normal partisanship that prevents common sense solutions. This is a problem for everyone – including our politicians – and in a pivotal moment such as this, both parties must come together to overcome this monumental obstacle and to serve our national interests.

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Sign the Victims' Petition to Stop Data Breaches and demand our Government takes action to avert catastrophe and renew our trust in our system